Thinking the Unthinkable: 4 Frightening Visions of the Future

If we ever wake up one morning and find ourselves face to face with what survivalists call the SHTF scenario, it may be in a form we didn’t expect. You can spend all of your time building a bomb shelter or stockpiling weapons against vile marauders, but if doomsday comes out of famine or frost, they may not do you much good. That’s why it’s important to not only prepare for what you think you see coming, but for those things that you may not see around the corner. Here are five scary scenarios you should keep in the back of your mind when prepping.

Increase in Criminals/Decrease in Police
Disasters of even moderate scope put an extraordinary strain on law enforcement and embolden the criminal element in our society. Take a look at what happened in the streets of New Orleans (not to mention the Silverdome) for proof of this. If things in America really go off a cliff, mild-mannered office workers could be taking up arms right alongside career thieves. If you think the thin blue line is going to protect you from desperate human beings who are raiding for essential survival, think again.

Widespread Disease
Depending on the form of the apocalypse, disease could be either the cause or an unpleasant aftereffect. If you manage to survive whatever killed off society, you’ll have to be vigilant not to fall to those inevitable aftershocks. With overflowing hospitals, doctor shortages, and a questionable food and water supply, disease is going to be rampant. You only have to look at history to see what a plague can do to a population, and you would have to go through life blindfolded to believe it couldn’t happen again.

Being Isolated
In an era where we can find the answer to almost any question without leaving our computers, it’s hard to imagine a world where it may be impossible to communicate with another human being. Yet that could very well turn out to be the case in the most frightening doomsday scenarios. In fact, that’s really what survivalism is all about – preparing for that day when you won’t have any resources, communication, or time to get your house in order.

The Sun Becomes Poison
One of the most unthinkable doomsday scenarios involves something happening to that big ball of fire in the sky that makes life on Earth possible. While we don’t have to worry about being around for the sun’s transformation into a red giant, there is the small possibility that a superflare could make going outside a very unpleasant experience. In a worse-case scenario, everything on the planet would be cooked to a crisp before anyone realized what was happening. A superflare from the sun could just as easily be much milder, only cursing half the population with skin cancer, evaporating the ozone layer, and turning the greenest forests into smoldering deserts. Your backyard farm may not be enough if that happens.