The Four Most Common Survival Mistakes

When society crumbles, none of us can say what the ensuing chaos will look like. Because of this uncertainty, you have to take any advice with a grain of salt. What seems like good common sense when the lights are on could turn out to be pure foolishness in a crisis.

That said, we can only prepare using the knowledge we have. You could prepare for the next thousand years and never think of all the contingencies. But there are some common mistakes people make that can be pointed out despite the unknowns. If you or someone you know is guilty of making them, try to correct course before it’s too late.

Style Over Substance
For some survivalists, this is just a hobby. They don’t really expect to be around for the end of the world. They don’t expect to wake up one day and confront a world that has changed dramatically. Prepping for them is just another way to pass the time. That’s absolutely fine.

Unfortunately, there are others who really do want to be prepared for the worst. And they wind up taking advice from the ones who are just whiling away the hours. That can lead to putting style over substance, wasting money on equipment, food, and skills that will not be useful in a real survival situation. If you just want to “play” survivalist, that’s not a problem. If you really want to protect yourself and your family in a desperate scenario, though, be careful about your priorities.

You’ve got your garage packed with enough food to last you and your family until the sun goes dark. You’ve got every knife ever manufactured. You’ve set up a water retention system that ensures you’ll never go thirsty. But if you don’t have a plan to go along with all of those supplies, you’re making a big mistake. The biggest part of prepping is planning. Run through several different scenarios, make a detailed plan for each one, and don’t leave the brainstorming for the last minute.

Insufficient Healthcare Supply
The little first aid kit in your medicine cabinet is better than nothing, but it in no way constitutes the extent of your healthcare needs. Remember, in a worst-case-scenario, you may have no access to a doctor. No access to a drugstore. And you have no idea how long that situation will last. Make sure your first-aid supplies are extensive. This is one area of preparation where there is no such thing as “too much.”

This is probably the most common mistake preppers make. They get into the hobby for a year or so, build up a respectable survival kit, and then promptly forget about it. You don’t want to have spent all this money and time coming up with a storeroom only to find that decay has set in when you really need it. Check your supplies regularly, rotate out old stock, and take care of your weapons and tools. No matter what form disaster takes, you’ll be glad you did.