The Five Skills Every American Should Develop

Preppers tend to think of themselves as being part of a counter-culture movement, and many blogs and video channels are written with that club in mind. There’s very little attempt to reach the average American who thinks that all of this prepper stuff is the product of mass delusion.

That probably needs to change. This sense of “Well, I’ll be ready, so I’m not going to worry about everyone else” is foolish. The truth is that our communities and our country will be a better place after a catastrophe if more people are prepared for the worst. In a chaotic, desperate environment, a manageable crisis can soon become an unstoppable collapse. Even if you could survive in that world…would you want to?

With that in mind, we’re proposing these five skills for every American to learn, no matter how seriously they take the prospect of a major societal disaster. These skills are fun to learn, adaptable to the modern world, and…they just might come in handy one day.

First Aid

You don’t have to be a prepper to recognize the value of a thorough education in first aid. Accidents happen, and they don’t always happen with a paramedic standing by. Supplement a basic understanding of first aid with a good course in CPR, and you’ll know what to do when calling 911 isn’t enough.

Hunting, Fishing, and Gathering

Evolutionarily speaking, we simply weren’t meant to live this way. The more our society moves away from nature, the more we see depression and despair across the nation. Our primal selves are crying out for something real in an artificial world. Learning to hunt, fish, and gather nutrition from the land can do wonders for your well-being, even if you never have to rely on the skills themselves.

Building a Fire

Even with the help of matches, building and tending a fire can be a frustrating experience for beginners. And that doesn’t even get into the thorny problem of building a fire without said matches. But the ability to build a fire can come in handy if you ever find yourself in a prolonged, no-electricity situation. Plus, if you ever want to go on Survivor…


As much as you might like to believe otherwise, you could be physically attacked by a hostile assailant before the day is through. Are you confident in your ability to fend off such an attack? Self-defense capabilities will be a necessity in a catastrophic scenario, but their importance shouldn’t be dismissed even in a nice “safe” society like ours. Even a few basic skills could mean the difference between survival and tragedy.


As a whole, our society is becoming way too dependent on technological crutches. One can easily imagine a nation of drivers utterly unable to find their destinations without GPS services. If you need your phone to guide you to the mailbox, make it a point to learn your city, learn how to read a paper map, and improve your ability to find your way around without Siri’s help.

  • RGW

    So true, these are nearly in order, the same skills that I have been teaching my children and now grandchildren. Surviving doesn’t mean your a better or smarter group or race, it means that you have reflected on the past and have learned the lessons that life teaches, trusted in the Lord and have been prudent and selfless in teaching others how to be self sufficient and work as a team when the need arises. These are skills not hereditary traits, that means they can be learned and mastered but like the world has also taught we must also prepare for mankind’s biggest enemy human nature and all that it entails. Sadly, the worst in people are manifested when mankind is at it’s lowest point, so having the ability to take care of yourself also means that we must train for battle, for some will come not for help but to steal and devour.
    Be as gentle as sheep, wise as a fox and as tough as a wolverine. A wolverine can make a full grown bear back up, now that’s tough!

    • Tom Schuckman

      RGW, You make all the sense in the world ! I learned a lot while I did my 2 years over in RVN: 68-70, but I learned a ton more back at home in Wisconsin ! BTW, the KJV Bible is great for “Body Armor,” –LOL… and much more. My email: tschuckman at aol dot com — I also write a Christian based Blog.

    • Tom Schuckman

      RGW, You make all the sense in the world ! I learned a lot while I did my 2 years over in RVN: 68-70, but I learned a ton more back at home in Wisconsin ! BTW, the KJV Bible is great for “Body Armor,” –LOL… and much more. My email: tschuckman at aol dot com — I also write a Christian based Blog.

      • Paul Smith

        If you want to tote a book around rather than body armor, you go for it.

  • barbarakelly


  • Paul Smith

    Not mentioned is building a shelter. Nothing will kill you more quickly than changes in body temperature sans a dearth of oxygen or Aortic eruption.

  • David in MA

    And, if your a youngster, join the boy or girl scouts!

  • Raul Meruelo

    Civil war is coming. We have an obligation to be prepared to survive after we finish the Muslim scum, and the liberals.

  • RangerRick

    If you live in or around North Idaho, I teach various skill sets I picked up over the years. You can check my back ground out at ( LinkedIn ) under RangerRick CPEM III. Everything thing I teach and do for my Country is free.
    Best Regards
    Automatic Survivor
    North Idaho

  • alpambuena

    the number one survival skill is knowledge….you cannot spend your energy and time playing computer games and sitting at some bar bragging about the past. you have to become aware of your surroundings…what is going on in your town and city, pay attention and educate your self on the political climate…start forming opinions on those that have destructive agendas…become educated on the backroads in case you have to get out of dodge quickly….educate your family members on your plan and backup plans…have an emergency rondevous point in case you all get separated…educate yourself on emp and biological attacks….become expert with a knife….learn how to suture a wound….learn basic mechanics…..always have a survival or bugout bag near you…..become familiar with demographic trends…always keep your vehicles tanks half full…..maybe store things in a storage 200 miles away….stay aware that plan A and B may fall apart from the get go…then what…..form alliances with a few that think the same way you do,,,never brag openly about your plans or attitude…live quietly and stay out of trouble…stay healthy and exercise….get your finances together…always keep ready cash available….have your important papers in a fire proof strong container and ready to go…..never follow the crowd……or whats popular.