No Electricity? 5 Kitchen Alternatives That Don’t Require Power

If you’re serious about living without electricity, you should already know how to cook food using only fire. That will keep you alive, but why not live a little? Preppers should focus on the high priority items when first building their inventory, but you never know how long your survival scenario will last. You don’t need a lot of convenience to make it a week, but what if you have to live a month without power? Or a year? You’ve never known drudgery until you’ve experienced this kind of pressure.

Once you get beyond the basics, it’s important to remember how essential morale is to making it through tough times. The constant fight to survive can drain your batteries in a hurry. If you have a few “fun” items, it might help you keep the depression at bay. Start in the kitchen, and stock up on these alternative devices that don’t require a healthy power grid to function.

Manual Flour Mill
This is a handy device to have around, not just because it can stave off the worst of the nutritional boredom that will inevitably set in. It’s also a practical tool that can turn beans and wheat into usable flour. Considering the short shelf-life of many flours, a hand mill is a wise purchase.

Food Strainer
You won’t be able to rely on your trusty blender when the electricity goes out, but a good food strainer makes a decent substitute. With this device, you can turn fruit into juice, create sauces, and even whip up some jam.

What’s better than a crock pot? Set it in the morning, and you have a delicious homecooked meal waiting when you get home. Of course, any such niceties go out the window when the plugs don’t work. The Wonderbag is a novel item that can do the same thing without the electricity. With a pot, a lid, and some water to boil, you can use the Wonderbag to replicate the functionality of a slow cooker.

Hand Mixer
With a manual mixer, you will have to put in the effort that electricity handles on your behalf with modern appliances. Despite that, you’ll find that it works just as well for most applications. If you plan on making any recipes more elaborate than “fry meat in skillet,” you should think about getting your hands on one of these.

Can you imagine trying to survive the apocalypse without coffee? Is there even a point to that kind of life? If you’re a java addict, make sure you get a percolator that will allow you to make coffee without a traditional pot. No one should have to go through trying times in a grumpy mood, after all!