Maximize Your Food Storage: 5 Organizational Tips

For a lot of people, there couldn’t be two things more incompatible than prepping and organization. You start buying all of this long-lasting food, and it quickly gets out of control. And that’s why it makes so much sense to adopt a system. If it’s gotten to the point where you can’t even bear to look in your garage because it causes you to break out in an anxious sweat, it’s time to put some organizational techniques to work.

Know Your Expirations
We’ve all experienced that moment where we look at something in the pantry and we have no idea how long it’s been in there. The inevitable consequence? These foods get thrown away. It’s one thing to take this approach to your everyday food supply, but you can’t afford this kind of disorganization when it comes to your prepping supplies. Whenever you put something on the shelf, write down when you bought it and when you expect it to go bad.

Rotate Your Stock
Grocery store workers always pull the oldest items to the front before they put new items on the shelves behind them. Otherwise, you wind up selling the newest foods first while the old ones just sit back there and grow moldy. Take the rotation approach to your storage pantry if you often work your longterm food into your regular meals.

Use Labels
You’ll have enough to worry about in an emergency situation without trying to figure out which foods are in which containers. Save yourself the struggle and get in the habit of labeling everything you put away. Don’t trust your memory.

Keep an Inventory
This is an essential part of a good organizational strategy. One word of caution: don’t make your inventory list on the computer. We’re preparing for a world where there may be no power! Use a good old fashioned ledger and make sure you update it every time you add or subtract from your storeroom.

Use Unusual Spaces
Don’t get locked into using just one storage space. So what if you’ve run out of room in that one closet? If you’re really serious about surviving the apocalypse, you’re going to have to make a few sacrifices. And once you do, you may find that those sacrifices aren’t as arduous as you thought. Most of us have quite a bit of unused space in our homes. You can keep plastic boxes filled with food underneath furniture, in seldom-used rooms, out on the porch…just open your eyes and you’ll be surprised at the possibilities.

By staying organized, you’ll see that prepping doesn’t have to be this crazy thing that quickly spirals out of control. You can stay on top of it. Prepping is much easier when you know what you have, you know where it’s going to go, and you know how much space you still have available.

And hey, it may help convince your spouse that this lifestyle isn’t going to turn their world upside down. If you’re getting resistance over storing any more bags of rice, good organization can go a long way to easing your family’s concerns.