Make These Survival Products Your Next 4 Purchases

It’s all well and good to learn how to make it in an America that bears more resemblance to the days of the Indians than the days of the New York City Stock Exchange, but don’t get so caught up in survival purity that you ignore some of the best tools on the market. The best thing about prepping as a popular trend is that it has led to some extraordinary products. If you want to give yourself the best possible shot at survival, make these four products a priority.

A Personal Water Filter

Whether you’re surviving in the woods or roughing it without running water in your home, the time may come when you’re forced to drink from an unsanitary source. The problem isn’t impurities or dirt; the problem is deadly bacteria. Personal water filters like the one sold by Lifestraw can sterilize questionable water, making it one of the most important survival products out there. Buy one.

A Good Hunting Rifle

Not everyone is comfortable building an arsenal, but even committed pacifists should consider buying a good hunting rifle. If you live in an area without much wildlife to speak of, don’t let that discourage you from getting a gun. It may be that you will want to relocate when disaster strikes, and it may not be easy to buy firearms when that day comes. And obviously, the rifle can double as a weapon of self-defense if necessary.

A Multi-Tool

If you think the old Swiss army knife is still the epitome of the multi-tool, you haven’t seen some of the amazing products they’ve come out with in recent years. These extraordinary tools look like something Q would show James Bond in the 1960s. Some of them have as many as 40 separate functions, suitable for thousands of possible scenarios. A good multi-tool is especially essential for anyone planning to survive in an urban landscape.

A Tent/Tarp

If you think there’s a chance you may have to survive in a wooded landscape, then make sure you have a tent or a tarp in your survival room. Building a shelter on the fly is a good skill set to have, but you’ll be better off if you don’t have to rely on leaves for your only protection from the elements. Tents are better than tarps, but anything is better than nothing.

  • Steve Morton

    You also need to have a way to start a fire so you can stay warm, cook, keep animals away, signal for help, etc. Best to keep 3 methods to start a fire: small magnifying glass, cigarette lighter, fire steel, small battery and steel wool, survival matches, etc.

    • Michael Davis

      Google how to start a fire with the bottom of a soda can. Those are EVERYWHERE!! LOL
      (P.S. This is NOT a joke. It can be done and it’s pretty easy.)

  • Jeannie Carle

    I never seem to see feminine hygiene products listed! Why is that? BTW – maxi-pads make GREAT bandages when necessary. We kept a box in the horse-barn at all times.

    • fishunter

      You are right, and tampons are good for puncture wounds (gun shots). I have noticed that hospitals have them in the restrooms and they are free. I’m not advocating stealing, but for folks on a real tight budget it is an option I guess.