5 Ways to Start Prepping Now

The prepper community has grown so large and unwieldy that many would-be participants lose their will before they ever get started. With so many possibilities, so many opinions, and so much information, it’s almost inevitable that a certain amount of overwhelm will set in. If you’re so inundated with options that you don’t know where to start, this list will help you cut through the confusion. Survivalism has many doors, but you can’t explore them all simultaneously. Open one, look around, and move on to the next when you’re ready. Always remember: taking a little action is far better than becoming an inactive expert.

Set a Budget
You don’t have to be wealthy to start prepping. You don’t have to have a reinforced concrete bunker to get started. Tailor your purchases to your own budget. Decide in advance how much you can afford to spend, and look for ideas that fit within that budget. There’s no sense ruining your economic life in preparation for a crash that may or may not happen in the future.

Keep Your Tank Full
A lot of people wait until their car is running on fumes before pulling into the gas station. If you’re going to live with a prepper’s mindset, you should amend that practice. Try to fill up when the needle hits the halfway mark, and your car will be ready to go if an emergency strikes. This is a good lifestyle change to make even if you think the odds of a full-scale apocalyptic scenario are slim.

Learn and Practice
It’s important to learn survival skills that can help you in the event of a collapse. Fishing, hunting, making fire – these outdoor skills will serve you well. But it’s not enough to learn them once and assume mastery. Practice them often, and you won’t be left holding the bag if things go south. Bonus: many of these skills are fun, and they can enhance the quality of your life right now.

Master Your Surroundings
It’s not going to do much good to learn the ins and outs of the Alaskan wilderness if you live in North Florida. Learn your surroundings. Practice identifying the wild edibles that are all around you. Know what kind of wildlife lives in your area. By mastering your environment, you’ll have the expertise you need to survive without modern comforts.

Don’t underestimate how detrimental modern society is to the human body. Sitting at a desk for 8-10 hours a day is bad enough. Eating the kind of processed garbage that passes as food is even worse. Reject the sedentary lifestyle as much as possible. Get in shape. Exercise. There’s no telling what life might be like after the fall of society, but it may very well require you to be in peak physical condition. Prep your body just as you would your home.