5 Presents for People Who Aren’t Prepping

The deeper you get into the prepper lifestyle, the more frustrated you’re bound to get with friends who don’t share your enthusiasm. This isn’t like your average hobby, after all; survivalists are all-too-aware of the illusion that is modern safety. Even in the absence of widespread catastrophe, individuals, families, and small communities are frequently thrown into disastrous situations. It’s only natural that you should want your loved ones to be prepared.

Alas, if you give your neighbor a 10-pound box of rice for Christmas, they’ll probably look at you like you’ve got a shiny horn growing in the middle of your forehead.

There are many prepper presents that aren’t quite so impractical, however. Many of them can be just as handy around the house as they would be in a chaos-ridden environment. Here are five good presents for people who aren’t into prepping.

Solar Flashlight

A power outage is the kind of “disaster” that most Americans will experience more than once. Even if your friends never have to deal with a major grid collapse, they’ll see the benefits of a solar flashlight, which relies on rechargeable batteries that get their power from the sun. Most such flashlights can operate for several hours if charged up throughout the day.

Portable Water Filtration System

Companies like Lifestraw and others sell portable water filters that have proven to be a godsend for countries that have little access to the kind of clean water we take for granted in the U.S. If your friends are world travelers, they will immediately grasp the importance of this gift. At the very least, it will be a fun novelty present that most people will be tempted to try out on at least one questionable water source. For that reason, make sure the receiver understands the bacterial limitations – if any – of the filter you bought.

Seeds and/or Plants

Prepping and gardening have overlapping devotees, but the latter hobby is much more attractive to the average American than the former. If you know anyone who has been thinking about growing their own food, give them a headstart with a simple gift of seeds and/or starter plants. Any hobby that puts a person on the path to sustainability is one you can feel proud to have inspired.


Candles are extremely popular gifts, and most people don’t even think “survivalism” when they receive them. But candles can come in handy when the power goes out. They require no batteries (solar or otherwise), the good ones last a long time, and they give off a surprising amount of light. Pair them with a decent portable fire-starter and you’ll set someone on the path to prepping without them being aware of it!

Emergency Vehicle Kit

Unbeknownst to many, prepping isn’t just about laying the foundation for life in a post-apocalyptic wasteland; it’s also about preparing for those life-or-death situations that happen everyday to thousands of people. Even the biggest optimist in America should have an emergency vehicle kit in their trunk, just in case they find themselves confronted with a “minor” tragedy on the road.